Thursday, July 10, 2014

Binturong in Thai and Lao

Binturongs are native to South and Southeast Asia. So they might be a great topic to talk about with your Tai speaking friends. 
The Lao words are เหง็นหางขอ (ເຫງັນຫາງຂໍ; "hook-tailed civet") and เหง็นหมี (ເຫງັນໝີ; "bear civet")
The Thai words are หมีขอ (ໝີຂໍ; "hooked bear")  and หมีกระรอก (ໝີກະຮອກ; "squirrel bear").

Although both Tai languages do not have the same words, they make use of the word "hook" (ขอ) and "bear" (หมี).

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