Saturday, January 5, 2013

She Houses Her Baby

Image by Andriy Dykun via 123RF

The word for "womb" in Shan and Tai Khuen is really sweet. It can be Thaified to rɯan.lûuk.ʔɔ̀ɔn (เรือนลูกอ่อน) which is a compound made up of rɯan (เรือน) "house" and lûuk.ʔɔ̀ɔn (ลูกอ่อน) "child, baby". Thus, "womb" in these Tai languages literally means "the house of a child/baby".

"Womb" in Thai and Lao is mót.lûuk (มดลูก), which, if I have this right though doubt it, literally means "the ant of a child". What?! This apparent weird meaning suggests that my analysis of this word is probably wrong. In particular, perhaps mót (มด) in this case does not mean "ant."

Now just for fun. Since everyone is talking about Kim Kadashian's pregnancy (which I do not know why we should care), it is not totally off topic to mention her and Kanye West here. So, given our analysis of "womb" so far, I think we can say that Kim Kadashian's baby is sitting in its house, can we? Oh wow, I am beginning to think that it is kind of creepy to talk about her womb. However, this is one of the best ways to learn a new   word; by relating it to something weird, that is!

Image taken from Sara McGinnis's article

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