Sunday, January 20, 2013

Learn Thai while Cooking #1

Khai phalo (IPA: kʰàj.pʰa.lóo, Thai: ไข่พะโล้) is one of my favorite Thai Chinese dishes.  Its main ingredients include eggs, fried tofu, chicken, cinnamon, and star anise. 

Unfortunately, it is one of many awesome dishes not commonly sold in Thai restaurants in the States. So, if you have never had this cinnamony soup, you should give it a try! 

In this video, you will not only learn how to prepare the soup, but you will also learn how to say the ingredients and the tools used in Thai.

This clip is a cooking challenge in which I made this dish for the first time. My recipe turned  out to be just slightly off. The only thing I wish I had done was to reduce the amount of palm sugar because it came out too sweet. Thus, if you are following this recipe, use half the amount of sugar I used, and you will have a perfect khai phalo. 

Vocabulary from This Video:
egg kʰàj (ไข่)
fried tofu tâw.hûu.tʰɔ̂ɔt (เต้าหู้ทอด)
coriander root râak.pʰàk.cʰii (รากผักชี)
cilantro pʰàk.cʰii (ผักชี) - This word was not mentioned in the video.
galangal kʰàa (ข่า)
garlic kra.tʰiam (กระเทียม)
palm sugar nám.taan.píip (น้ำตาลปี๊บ)
salt klɯa (เกลือ)
pepper pʰrík.tʰaj (พริกไทย)
black soy sauce sii.ʔíw.dam (ซีอิ๊วดำ)
thin soy sauce sii.ʔíw.kʰǎaw (ซีอิ๊วขาว)
oil ná (น้ำมัน)
cinnamon stick ʔòp.cʰəəj (อบเชย)
star anise póoj.kâk (โป๊ยกั๊ก) - Although กั๊ก is spelled with high tone, it is pronounced with a falling tone. This is due to the fact that it is a loanword from Teochew Chinese.
mortar kʰrók (ครก)
pestle sàak (สาก)

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Val said...

I've never heard a Thai pronounce กั๊ก​ with anything but a high tone, as written. Perhaps in native Chao Zhou /Teochew