Friday, January 4, 2013

De-Khmerization: Body Parts

Thai and Lao have borrowed many words from Old Khmer. When dealing with Tai words in Thai and Lao, I personally use the term "de-Khmerization" to the refer to the process in which words of Khmer origin are removed and replaced with words of Tai origin. The words of Tai origin are typically taken from other Tai languages whose speakers have had relatively less contact with Khmer speakers, including but not limited to the Shans, the Northern Thais, and the Tai Lues. 

Today, we will attempt to de-Khmerize words relating to body parts in Thai and Lao.

The following words in Thai and Lao are of Khmer origin.

1. brain =  sa.mɔ̌ɔŋ (สมอง)
2. hips = sa.pʰôok (สะโพก), ta.pʰook (ตะโพก)
3. nose (Thai only) = ca.mùuk (จมูก)
4. skull = kra.lòok (กระโหลก)
5. stomach =  kra.pʰɔ́ʔ (กระเพาะ)

The outcome of de-Khmerization of these words are the following:

1. brain = ʔɔɔk.ʔɔɔ (ออกออ)
from Northern Thai and Shan

2. hips = kùm (กุ่ม)
from Shan and Tai Lue

3. nose = daŋ (ดัง)
from Lao, Northern Thai, Shan, and Tai Lue

4. skull = dùuk.hǔa (ดูกหัว) Lit. "the bone of the head"
from Shan and Tai Lue

5. stomach = pum (ปุม)
from Northern Thai, Shan, and Tai Lue

0. bladder = kra.pʰrɔ́ʔ pàt.saa.wáʔ (กระเพราะปัสสาวะ)

De-Khmerizes (and de-Indicizes) to

0. bladder = rooŋ.jîaw (โรงเยี่ยว)
From Shan, Tai Lue, and Tai Khuen

And thus, de-Khmerization of body parts in Thai and Lao have been completed.


Ningz said...

For "brain", "hips", "nose" and "skull", is same as Zhuang.

Phetsalath said...

เชิง is from Khmer and is also Khmu for foot.