Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shan Naming Convention

     The Shan naming convention is interesting. Traditionally, Shan parents name their kids using monosyllabic words, ie. words that have only one syllable. A name is given based on a child's gender and the order he/she's in. For example, if a child is a third son, he will be named "saam", whereas if a child is a third daughter, she will be named "aam".  Thus, the names can be very informative.

Below is the traditional Shan naming convention for both genders:

(Not in IPA: <,> = low tone 21, <;> mid-falling tone 31, <:> high tone 55, <.> falling tone 51, and rising tone 24.)

Naming Convention for girls
1st daughter - ye; or öi; (cf. Lao, N. Thai เอื้อย ö̂öi)
2nd daughter - i, (cf. yîi "two")
3rd daughter -  aam (cf. sǎam "three")
4th daughter - aai, (cf, sài "four")
5th daughter - ou (cf. ngôu "five")
6th daughter - ok: (cf. lók "six")
7th daughter - et: (cf. cét "seven")

Naming Convention for boys
1st son - aai; (cf. Lao, N. Thai อ้าย âai ) or luang ("great, big") 
2nd son - yi; ("two")
3rd son -  saam ("three")
4th son - sai, ("four")
5th son - ngo; ("five")
6th son - luuk; ("six")
7th son - tsep: ("seven")

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