Tuesday, July 31, 2012

555+ in Thai Means You Want Sex?

So, is 555+ used to solicit sex? The answer is: no. No way Jose. Not in a million years because it would mean that this whole time I have been asked for sex by many Thai people.

In Thai and Lao cyber worlds, 555+ is often used as a response to something funny. Its English equivalent is roughly "lol", an abbreviation for "laughing out loud."

To say "five" in Thai and Lao, you say haa (falling tone in Thai and low falling tone in Lao). So, if we have 555, Thai and Lao people will read them as haa haa haa thus sounding like the laughing interjection "hahaha." Because of this, 555 has been used as a representation of laughter.

Occasionally, a plus sign can be seen at the end of the last 5, e.g. 555+. The sign here is used to indicate that the laugh is longer than typed.

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