Thursday, August 4, 2011

Basic Old Thai Pronouns - At Least 800 Years Old

The pronunciation is NOT written in IPA
The pronunciation is based on modern Standard Thai rules of phonology.

Informal Pronouns 
กู /kuu/ - I/me
มึง /mwng/, w = unrounded /u/ - thou/thee "you singular"
มัน /man/ - he/she/it/him/her/it

Dual = "two people"
เผือ /phwa/ , rising tonew = unrounded /u/ - exclusive both of us (not including you)
รา /raa/ - inclusive both of us (including you)
เขือ /khwa/  , rising tonew = unrounded /u/ - both of you
ขา /khaa/ , rising tone - both of them

ตู /tuu/ - exclusive we/us(not including you)
เรา /raw/ - inclusive we/us(including you)
สู /suu/ , rising tone - ye/you (you all, y'all)
เขา /khaw/ rising tone - they/them

Formal Pronouns 
ข้า /khaa/, fallinging tone,- I/me   (from "slave")
เจ้า /caw/, fallinging tone,- you     (from "master")
เพื่อน /phwan/ fallinging tonew = unrounded /u/  - he/she/him/her  (from "friend")

Or you can use an informal plural pronoun to refer to one person
ตู /tuu/ - I/me
เรา /raw/ - I/me
สู /suu/ rising tone - you singular
เขา /khaw/ rising tone - he/she/him/her

ตูข้า /tuu-khaa/ - mid tone-falling tone - exclusive we/us(not including you)
เราข้า /raw-khaa/ -mid tone-falling  tone - inclusive we/us(including you)
สูเจ้า /suu-caw/ , rising tone-falling tone - ye/you (you all, y'all)
เขาเจ้า /khaw-caw/ rising tone-falling tone - they/them

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