Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thai and Lao Lesson: Describing Body Parts

This structure is a little bit different from English.

subject + body part + stative verb (or some call it adjective)

ฉัน = I/me
ตา = eye(s)
ใหญ่ = to be big, big

My eyes are big; I have big eyes

เขา = he/she, him/her
แขน = arm(s)
ยาว = to be long, long

Their arms are long; they have long arms.

เรา = we/us
ตัว = body
ดำ = to be dark/black, dark/black

We are dark; Our bodies are dark

For Lao, the same formula can be used.

ຂ້ອຍ = I/me
ຜິວ = skin
ງາມ = to be beautiful, beautiful

My skin is beautiful; I have beautiful skin

One more thing you need to know
In addition to body parts, you can also use the Thai and Lao word for "name" to introduce yourself

ฉัน = I/me
ชื่อ = name
อลิฟ = "Alif" a name

My name is Alif

ຂ້ອຍ = I/me
ຊື່ = name
ອລິຟ = "Alif" a name

My name is Alif

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