Friday, October 1, 2010

Old Thai Personal Pronouns

Today, many of these are considered archaic in Thai, but some are still used in Lao and Shan. I think we need to revive some of these back.

singular            กู            (kuu)             I/me
polite singular   ข้า         (khaa2)          I/me(polite)         literally "slave"
dual                 รา            (raa)            we two/ us two
plural               เรา, ตู     (rao, tuu)       we/us

singular            มึง          (myng)            thou/thee
polite singular   เจ้า         (cao3)            thou/thee             literally "master"
plural               สู             (suu4)           ye/you
                                                            you guys, y'all, you lot

singular            มัน          (man)             he/him, it
dual                 ขา           (khaa4)          they two/them two
plural               เขา          (khao4)         they/them

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