Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vocabulary: Thaification

Has Scout Taylor been "Thaified"?
(September 25, 2009 - Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images AsiaPac)

I've come across the word, "Thaification" n. on Wikipedia. A possible verbal form of this noun would be "Thaify" which means " to make or become Thai in outlook,attitude, form, etc." Example: Because Mr Anderson has been living in Thailand for 30 years, he decided to have his name Thaified.

Though this sounds artificial to me, I am in favor of using this word.

The suffix -ify(-ification) derives from French -ifier, from Latin -ificere, from linking vowel i + verb ficere, "make" or "do", combining form of facere.(wiktionary)  Ex: simplify("to make simple"), solidify("to make solid") etc.

I can see why one would add the suffix -ify to Thai- because "Thai" doesn't end with an n or an m(like the word americanize whose roots are from american- and -ize*.) Nor does it end with -ic(like anglicize*) etc.

If this word isn't legit, then does anybody know of one that translates the same meaning? I mean I could think of some possibilities: Thaicize, Thailandicize, Siamize etc. 

If "thaify" is indeed a word, its romance equivalents would be: thaïfier (French), taificar (Spanish and Portuguese), and thaificare(Italian).  

*note: -ize is an American spelling of -ise.


peter said...

i've read this word in many scholarly works.. to my mind, it's legit!

Alif Silpachai said...

Thank you for the confirmation. ;)