Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thai, Lao, Shan Important Prefixes II: khwaam- (ความ-)

If you master this, you'll immensely expand your vocabulary. The following prefixes are often used with adjectives or adverbs. So, it is important that you know as many adjectives and adverbs (stative verbs) as possible. It's one of the adjective nominalizers.

Thai and Lao use khwaam-(or khuam-), and Shan uses taang-.
Thai and Lao formula: khwaam- + adjective or adverb (stative verb)
Shan formula: taang- + adjective or adverb(stative verb)

sùk (สุข) "happy"
khwaamsùk (ความสุข) "happiness"
háwn "hot"
khuamháwn "heat" "hotness"
sûe "true"
taangsûe "truth"

Now you try! Can you now tell me how to say readiness, sweetness, and loneliness in these three languages? Well if you know how to say ready, sweet, and lonely then you won't have any problems!

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Phetsalath said...

Kwarm ngao, Kwarm dtiam, Kwarm wan?