Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thai, Lao, Shan Important Prefixes I: kaan- การ-

If you master this, you'll immensely expand your vocabulary. The following prefixes are often used with verbs. So, it is important that you know as many verbs as possible. It's one of the verb nominalizers.

Thai and Lao use kaan- as the prefix (some people call it bound stem)

kaan- "process" "process of..."
formula: kaan- + verb

Let's use the verbs rian (เรียน) "to learn" and wâo (ເວົ້າ) "to speak" as examples.

ex I: kaanrian (การเรียน) "process of learning" "learning" n.
ex II: kaanwâo (ການເວົ້າ) "process of speaking" "speaking" n. "speech"

Shan prefix however is different, but the same formula can be used. The prefix is instead lâwng-

lâat "to talk"
Ex: lâwnglâat "process of talking" "talking" n.

Now it's your turn to nominalize your Tai verbs! Can you tell me how do you say colonization, sensation, and cancellation in these three languages? Well if you already know how to say colonize, sense, and cancel then you've got nothing to worry about!

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