Monday, February 22, 2010

Tai Tham (Lanna) Unicode font ver 1.0

Hi guys, I'm finally done with the Tai Tham unicode font that I've been working on! It's called Lanna Alif Go download now! here



khaosoi said...

Have downloaded the font, with great excitement, but found Keyman will not allow installation. It says the kb was produced with an unlicensed developer edition. Please help.

Sharon C said...

Thanks for this font! What is the license? I assume it is free to use in our application?

Sharon Correll
SIL International

Suttiwit Sukpinit said...
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Suttiwit Sukpinit said...

The font does not display heads and serifs like they should be written.
"Tua Mueang" should be written with them. Please correct your font.

And, please also make it work with Windows 7.