Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thalivish: Spelling reform? -continued-

Please read Spelling reform part 1.
Perhaps we could use some English consonant sounds that are rarely used in Thai as the compensations of tonal indicators in Thalivish. Such consonant sounds are /z/, /ʒ/, /v/) and /ʃ/(hence we could use z, zh, v, and sh) .
1. na(rice field), naz, nazh(face), nav(aunt), and nash(thick).
/na/ /naz/ /naʒ/ /nav/ /naʃ/
2. fan(tooth), fansh(dream) ety. ฟัน, ฝัน
/fan/ /fanʃ/
3. nam(v. to lead, n. name), namv(water), namsh(thorn) ety. นำ/นาม, น้ำ, หนาม
/nam/ /namv/ /namʃ/

I think that with these Thalivish would so much more European! :)

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