Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thalifish Verbs

To pen(ety. Thai: เป็น) means "to be."

Infinitiveto pen(to be)
Present participlepening(being)
Past participlepened(been)

First-person singularpen(am)pened(was)
Second-person singularpenst(art)pened(wart)
Third-person singularpens(is)pened(was)
First-person pluralkheu(are)kheued(were)
Second-person pluralkheu(are)kheued(were)
Third-person pluralkheu(are)kheued(were)

To kin(ety. Thai: กิน) means "to eat."

First-person singularkin(eat)kined(ate)
Second-person singularkinst(eat'st)kined(atest)
Third-person singularkins(eats)kined(ate)
First-person pluralkin(eat)kined(ate)
Second-person pluralkin(eat)kined(ate)
Third-person pluralkin(eat)kined(ate)

Examples: Cha pen kining khaozh. I am eating rice.
Cha pened kining khaozh. I was eating rice.
Cha kined khaozh kab than. I ate rice with you.
Ma phuts theung chan thukwan. He talks to me everyday.
Cha mi pened duing ni phaphyon. I have been watching this movie.

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