Monday, January 11, 2010

Just for fun: my full name

Let's start with the etymology of my full name.
My first name, Alif, comes from the first letter of the Arabic alphabet(or Proto-Canaanite alphabet). Other variants are Aleph(Hebrew), Alef, Alaph, Alap and many more.
My last name, Silpachai, is from Sanskrit śilpa jaya, literally victorious art(variants: victory of art, triumph in art, conquering art etc.)

Hmmm I wonder how many ways can my names be translated into different languages(which I'm not actually going to do in real life.). :)
English: Alif Silpact
French: Alif Silpait
Italian: Alifo Silpatto
Latin: Alifus(Aliphus) Silpactus
Portuguese: Alifo Silpeito
Romanian: Alifu Silpacu
Sanskrit: Alifa Silpajaya
Spanish: Alifo Silpecho

Or if I want my last name to be even longer:
English: Silpactay
French: Silpaitai
Italian: Silpattaggio
Latin: Silpactaius
Portuguese: Silpeitaio
Romanian: Silpacai
Spanish: Silpechayo

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