Sunday, May 10, 2009

Devanagari and Its Tai, Burmese, and Khmer Correspondents

This table shows the comparison among Devanagari, Burmese, and Tai, including Tai Tham (Lanna and Khün) and Thai scripts.

And after looking at this, I think Tai Tham script and Burmese script really resemble Khmer script perhaps even more than Thai. The Burmese and Tai Tham correspondents of the Thai ฆ ด ท ธ ฒ ณ บ พ ม ย ร ล ห look really similar to those of Khmer.

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Neil said...

I am an Indian guy living in Calif, Usa for a few years. i learnt to eat thai food here and speaking to few thai people found that thai has like tonnes of words i can understand bcos theyre of sanskrit/indian origin. I was like !
But i think they're pronounced differently so i can't understand them when spoken but can understand them when written in english.
Eg. Chandra = moon
Suvarna = gold
Bhumi = land